Juvenile Court and Family of Phangnga Province realizes the importance of professional development in terms of communicative skill in English, and court personnel sometimes have to deal with foreigners in some cases. 

Beginning June 19, 2013, the English course lasts 20 hours, 2 hours per day, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The lesson starts at 4:30 pm and finished 6:30 pm. As learners request a Thai teacher for the course, I have to set my daily schedule for them and prepare some activities to suit their requirement. 

The class is comprised of 19 people who work at the court: one of them is a court policeman and all are active and friendly students.


Thana Poopat said...

Dear Ajan Weena,
I have read some of your blog posts on teaching English with great interest. You are one of few Thai English-language instructors that I know of who encourage learners to listen to internet radio. I could not agree more with you that listening to the radio is one of the best ways to create an effective immersive learning environment.

Ween said...

Hello Khun Thana,
Thanks very much for your kind words and your time browsing my posts. I'm just attempting to share my direct experience with readers, particularly Thai ones so that they can learn more English and get well-prepared to welcome ASEAN community in 2 years' time. I'd like to introduce more than internet radio if there are interested people around.