Wai Kru is one of Thai cultures always organised every year in most educational institutes countrywide. Normally, it takes place on a Thursday particularly in early weeks of a new academic year as Thai believe that it is a good day for schooling. Students show their high respects to teachers by handing them colorful flowers, incense sticks and a candle to worship them and promise that they will obey them and be good students all year long. As a result, students who attend this traditional event are likely to study well with encouragement and long attention spans. 

July 7-8, 2013 there are two activities for all PCC students - a 2 days camp for new students and Wai Kru ceremony for everybody. New students from every teaching center are invited to stay overnight and teachers introduced to them; some rules are also elaborated so that they can abide by them properly. In addition, there is a 'Campaign Against Drug' session taught by invited trainers after the morning orientation. 

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