After spending 2 months surveying and evaluating a number of health care volunteers in 7 different villages in Thapput District, the real workshop was conducted June 24, 2013. Dr. Daongjai Panitchareonkit, an expertise in Social Studies from Phuket Rajabhat University, was invited to be our trainer.  There were 108 local people attending the meeting and some of our personnel. 

The morning session, after the PCC Director's opening speech, was the presentation about ASEAN history, its aims, missions, principles and related contents. The guest trainer presented such through multimedia materials which interested the audience greatly. In the afternoon, they worked in groups: the discussion about how to prepare their local products for ASEAN was raised. After an hour's time,  representatives from each group informed their 
interesting conclusions and requested some help from PCC which will be considered carefully before any further movement. 

However, the average scores after attending the workshop turned to be satisfied: it was higher than the previous ones and one of them even got all correct. 

Thank you so much everybody for good collaboration.

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