PCC provides two types of learning to local people - Associate Degree program and Short Course. The former includes Business Computer, Local Governing, Information Communication Technology, Early Childhood Education, and General Management. Presently, there are about 600 students in all Centers.

       Short Courses are organized for groups of people in various interest such as Driving, Using Computer, Ballroom Dancing, English for Communication, Thai Massage, Crocheting, Cooking, Typing, Flower Arrangement, and Rubber Tapping.
       We also have annual activities, for example Wai Kru Ceremony, Orientation and Enrollment, Academic Preparation, and Sports Day.
       Phangnga Community College was officially established on October 8, 2004. The first semester began in March, 2006 and the first graduation for 125 students was organized on February 8, 2009. So far, there have been 340 graduates in various Associate Degree programs.
       As a matter of facts, PCC students are adults age between 20s–50s and most of them are people who work on weekdays so classes are performed only on weekends. Normally, there are 15 weeks per semester and it takes 7 semesters for a student to finish the program.

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