PCC is situated in a small and peaceful District called Thapput. There are about 25,000 people in the area and their main career is mostly agriculture. It is about 90 kilometers from Phuket island and an hour drive from Phuket International Airport. 
       Currently, Mr. Prapan Wong-panit is Chair Board and Mr. Manit Wimuttisuk is Director of PCC working along with 15 teachers and 15 office workers.
       There are 5 Teaching Centers in different Districts namely: 1) Koh Yao Wittaya School and Ao Ka Por School, in Koh Yao District  2) Takao Pa Senanukul School in Takao Pa District  3) Baan Klang School in Kuraburi District  4) Thaimuang Tambol Municipality in Thaimuang District  5) Phangnga Community College in Thapput District.

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