Our province is called Phangnga. It is located on the southwest coast of Thailand, between two famous tourist attractions – Phuket and Krabi. There are 8 Districts in the province: 1)Muang Phangnga 2)Koh Yao 3)Kapong 4)Takaothung 5)Takaopa 6)Kuraburi 7)Thapput  8)Tai Muang.

       Phangnga population is about 250,000. The majority work in agriculture and the main crops are rubber plantation, palm gardens, and cash crops. There are also tourism industry along Andaman coast and in Phangnga Bay.
       The province was well-known nationwide and worldwide since December 2004 because of tsunami disaster. After that happening, the area was visited regularly and the Andaman coast community was granted a lot of supports both from inside and outside the kingdom.

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